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How the program works

Each homeowner contacts the installer for a free evaluation and quote to install solar on their property. The installer will explain the details of the install and evaluate the homeowner's property. Some properties may not be optimally situated for solar.


The company will then install the system, provide training, manage all the paperwork needed, and handle all owner issues directly. It is because the quality of service really matters that only top rated vendors will be considered.


Once your contract is signed, the system adds to the tiered pricing formula. If following tiers are reached after you sign, the vendor will refund the difference to you.


The Solarize Medfield program will have two Solar Coaches available to help you through the process. The Solarize Medfield team will also be hosting live information events as well as producing informational videos. This website will also be updated regularly to keep the information current.

Medfield meets Solar

Medfield homeowners and businesses can have solar energy systems installed on their properties at discounted prices through the Solarize Medfield community program.  Our installer -- New England Clean Energy of Hudson, Mass. -- was selected after a competitive bidding process.  You MUST sign up by November 30.



Join with your neighbors before this limited time program ends. Help the planet and your pocketbook at the same time, by installing a solar energy system. Solar works great in New England - just ask the thousands who have installed it already. Has a solar company told you solar doesn't work on your roof? Don't believe it! Solarize Medfield pricing is so good that more roofs than ever are economical for solar, even those with some shade. You owe it to yourself to get a free home assessment.

Watch Medfield TV's special program to learn more.

Solarize Medfield is a community program designed to help local homeowners and business owners save money and help the planet by installing solar energy systems at discounted prices. Solarize Medfield is supported by the Town of Medfield, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, and run by local volunteers. For more information, contact Marie Nolan, Medfield Solar Coach, at (508) 361-8786 or

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Protect the Environment
Increase your Property Value
Eliminate your Electricity Bill

"I have explored adding solar in the past.  Most vendors wouldn’t even come out to do a survey.  They would look at google maps and see plenty of trees in my yard.  Rob came out and surveyed the situation.  He found that we could do an effective partial solution.  He didn’t oversell panels in a vain attempt to cover my need.  He found a financially responsible solution that covers enough to be useful.  The Solarize Medfield program is attractive because we stand to benefit from group buying power.  The more who do this, the lower the cost, which makes the payback even better.  And, my desire is to find environmentally better ways to get electricity, so it’s a win both ways."

Mike W., 9/23/16

(Read more testimonials here.)

Protect the Environment
Increase your Property Value
Eliminate your Electricity Bill
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